Zombie Stomp

The Story so Far

Late at night on September 1st 2011 a zombie outbreak swept across the small Midwestern city of Muncie, IN. After fleeing from the initial attacks on their homes (or in the case of Doctor Stevie Nickleson, the local hospital) our party of survivors traveled north through the chaos in a desperate attempt to escape the disaster. They didn’t make it very far. It is now 5pm on September 2nd. The party is holed up in the empty National Guard Armory in Marion, IN. A crowd of zombies beat on the walls, windows, and doors of the building. The power is flickering on and off. The rattle of gunfire can be heard coming from dozens of locations across town and the smoke of burning buildings fills the air.
But, for the first time in 18 hours, our survivors are not in immediate danger of attack.

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